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Scorn's Inside Xbox trailer is positively gruesome and we love it

Published: 15:49, 07 May 2020
Ebb Software
A strange creature from the game Scorn
Scorn, hey there fella!

Ebb Software's atmospheric first-person horror-adventure Scorn has been confirmed as an Xbox Series X Optimized title with the positively gruesome trailer on Inside Xbox.

Now, Scorn isn't a new game as its development started back in 2014, albeit in very limited capacities and only a few people on board.  

Its trailer from 2016 drew a lot of attention, quite rightfully so, and what better way to reintroduce yourself than Microsoft's presentation for Xbox Series X titles. 

"Scorn is a first-person horror adventure game designed around the idea of being thrown into the world. As players explore the dream-like world in a non-linear fashion, they will soon learn that every location has its own story, puzzles, and characters - even the unsettling environment is a character itself", Microsoft wrote in the description. 

Scorn's trailer is absolutely stunning, with trademark influences by H.I. Giger, whose work you know even if you think you don't. While the trailer doesn't reveal much about the game, the environment has that feeling where you constantly feel like turning away.

Of course, all this requires a lot of juice to execute but Xbox Series X has more than enough power under the hood to handle Ebb Software's visuals. 

And here is the trailer that attracted attention in 2016, so you can be the judge of how far the graphics has gone in just a few years. Not that Scorn's old trailer isn't still bone-chilling, but the differences are subtly huge.

According to Inside Xbox, Microsoft will start showing off their in-house titles as of July and with a battalion of studios under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella, we're looking forward to a busy summer.

Ebb Software H.I. Giger-inspired Architecture in Scorn Scorn, what a sight!

Ebb Software H.I. Giger-inspired cover art for Scorn by Ebb Software Scorn by Ebb Software

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