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Schalke 04 advances to LEC Summer Playoff semifinals

Published: 21:16, 30 August 2019
Updated: 10:50, 02 October 2019
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Schalke 04 have defeated Rogue in LEC Summer Split Playoffs and proceeded to the third round where they will meet the losing team from the Juggernaut match. The series was marked by an unfortunate play by Rogue that gave S04 a free win.

Schalke 04 won the matchup with Rogue in what looks like comfortable fashion on the surface but the matches could have really gone in a different direction.

It was Rogue, in fact, who took the lead in the series by taking the first game where Schalke 04 managed to score only three kills in total. All of Rogue's carries had dominating performances, with Larssen taking the MVP award for the match with his Corki. The final result was 17-3, with Rogue taking it away in just 26 minutes.

The second match was slightly longer, as Schalke 04 took their first win of the series in 33 minutes. The final score was 16-7 as the winning team's MVP, Trick, had an amazing performance on Xin Zhao. Larssen was the only carry from Rogue's lineup that had a good KDA in the second match.

He would be the tragic protagonist if the series were an ancient Greek piece in the third game though. This was perhaps the most intense match in the series, dragging on for 43 minutes as the teams exchanged wins in team fights and neither could decisively win. 

Rogue got Schalke 04 down to two players after a particularly successful 4v5 team fight though and they pushed all the way to the nexus and could have won the game, had Larssen not . Yup, the man tanked the fountain laser but it's not entirely clear whether he was aiming a little bit to the side and missed or he underestimated Corki's flight capabilities with the package.

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Odoamne and Upset managed to hold Rogue off long enough for the rest of their team to respawn, after which they went on to take the Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor, resulting in an unstoppable machine that eventually won the game.

Schalke then went on to win the fourth and final game of the matchup where Upset absolutely dominated on his Lucian. The series ended with 3-1 in favour of Schalke 04 and they will have to face G2 or Fnatic in semi-finals, whoever happens to lose the Juggernaut match on 31 August 2019.


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