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Rumour: New Silent Hill has been in production since 2019

Published: 21:46, 12 June 2020
Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill fans are hoping for any official confirmation of a new game in the series being developed but Konami are silent about it so far. However, an insider claims one has been in the works since 2019.

Industry insider widely known as DuskGolem took to Twitter to talk about the next entry in Silent Hills franchise. He initially spoke about another insider's claim that Silent Hills reveal would appear recently that turned out not to be correct. 

While speaking in defence of KatharsisT, DuskGolem mentioned the SIlent Hills topic, which prompted a fan to ask if the two insiders had proof about the game's existence.

This caused another Twitter thread where DuskGolem stated that Konami wanted to greenlight two Silent Hill game sin 2018, which is already a promising start. There is no elaboration on what happened but it seems like one of the games got dropped but the second one went through.

According to DG, a Japanese-made Silent Hill game started development in 2019. He went on to confirm that claim with several other sources and "had a couple people back that up". More recently, a separate source apparently confirmed that the game is in production, meaning that it hasn't been dropped after the development started in 2019.

The thread concludes with a claim that Sony Japan Studio would reveal details soon. This claim was not made directly by DG or his sources but one of Katharsis' acquaintances, who is apparently "100% in a position to know".

Dafont artwork showing Silent Hill logo We could be seeing something along these lines soon

Keep in mind that these claims should be classified as rumours until official confirmation but both DuskGolem and KatharsisT have a track record of correct predictions. An occasional hiccup still happens in those circles so a grain of salt is advised.

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