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China finally manages to snatch LoL MSI crown from Korea

Published: 12:52, 21 May 2018
League of Legends MSI banner altered to display the first place by a Chinese team
MSI 2018

Korea's firm grip on the League of Legends competitive scene has loosened up during MSI 2018, as Kingzone DragonX didn't manage to win the first spot in either group stage or in the final. Meanwhile, congratulations to RNG on first place.

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) had a shaky start in group stage, going 2-2 in the first two days, losing to the Korean champions Kingzone DragonX (KZ) and the tournaments surprise upset of sorts - Flash Wolves (FW). Their performance was shaken further in the opening match of day 3 where they lost to North American champions Team Liquid who were previously 0-4 and dubbed the outsiders. Or so everyone thought, in both cases.

Everyone wrote them off already, but Team Liquid (TL) later went on to win four games in total and battle Fnatic in a tiebreaker match to decide who will move on from group stage to the play-offs. Team Liquid lost, but their last stand had everyone shaken up and Fnatic fans started biting nails when their team face elimination after a decent start, but horrendous second half of group stage.

Meanwhile, once RNG got to 2-3 by losing to TL, they didn't roll over or lose hope. They instead proceeded to demolish everyone and everything until the end of group stage, with an unstoppable streak of five wins in a row. This resulted in them going 7-3 and fighting for the first spot tiebreaker with FW, who had a stellar start with six wins and no losses, but dropped three games in the latter half of the group stage. Needless to stay, FW couldn't stand before RNG's newfound strength and RNG placed first in the group.

FW's golden age soon passed, as they were knocked out by KZ in a 3-1 victory for the Koreans. RNG knocked out Fnatic with a clean 3-0 sweep in the meantime, and the finals came down to China vs Korea, as pretty much everyone expected.

RNG's second wind didn't stop blowing and they beat KZ rather easy in a confident 3-1 victory. This finale didn't go without its highlights, but an unfortunate turret shot in semi finals definitely stole the show. Fnatic's unsung hero is definitely Brohax who more than stepped up this tournament, with fantastic two baron steals in a single game, in the first video above.

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