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Riot hints League of Legends announcers, players demand French Rammus

Published: 17:00, 29 November 2019
Riot Games
League of Legends - Rammus
League of Legends - Rammus

League of Legends players have been asking for custom announcer voice packs for years now and Riot Games are finally showing first signs of obliging them. It quickly devolved into requests for French Rammus announcer though.

Custom announcer voice packs are one of the most requested features for League of Legends and something that Dota 2 extensively utilised over the years, going as far as .

For some reason, Riot Games strayed away from introducing these voiceovers all this time, despite having custom ones for time-limited modes, like Bilgewater ARAM or Thresh's hook-a-palooza.

Ken Adams, Riot Games' Product Manager, finally conceded and investigated what the fans might want with these custom announcers. Naturally, this prompted hype for those who wanted the feature for all these years and never got it but also gave birth to some odd requests.

Longtime fans started , which may sound odd at first since the champion simply keeps saying "OK" and doesn't have any special voice lines. On the other hand, the French version that the players are after does speak and it's in a rather .

If you are wondering why the French Rammus sounds like that or why he has actual voice lines, it's because the work was based on Rammus' lines from the beta days of League of Legends. Back then, Rammus had more to say than just "OK" and his tone was rather creepy. At least he had some puns to go along, but that last line about returning to the bog will certainly leave some listeners dreamless for a night or two.

Anyway, if Riot does indeed commit to having several announcers, we should be in for a treat. Who wouldn't want Malphite to tell them "You will lose" upon losing the second Nexus turret.

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