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Riot Games Korea press charges against DRX coach cvMax

Published: 11:37, 26 December 2019
Riot Games
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Riot Games Korea seem to have no intention of stopping the campaign against cvMax as they announced they are pressing charges for violence against the whistleblower coach. League of Legends' Korean esports are at an all times high but could end up like Starcraft.

Riot Games Korea recently they are pressing charges against cvMax for alleged violence he committed during his time as Griffin coach. Since the charges were apparently pressed a month prior to the announcement, one couldn't help but notice the reveal's timing is awfully inconvenient for cvMax, who is currently DragonX's coach.

The news came out on the same day as the team's first tournament outing, during the KeSPA Cup against Chungnam, with mere hours of difference between the match start and the piece coming out. Anyway, this did little to shake up anyone at DRX as the team coasted past their opponents with the final score of 2-0 with the second match being finished before 20th minute.

However, Riot KR alleges that the charges are there in order to get a prosecution investigation instead of Riot's own audit, which could potentially be the third-party investigation that was mentioned after .

Now it only remains to be seen where the investigation will lead since no definitive proof was found that cvMax was abusing his players but Riot KR and KeSPA were happy to remove the coach permanently regardless. Furthermore, Chovy and Doran moved from GRF to DRX after cvMax joined the latter. It's hard to imagine the players would follow an abusive coach to his next team.

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Needless to say, Korean League of Legends fans are not happy with the latest development in the cvMax saga and are still hoping Riot Games HQ will step in to clean up the mess.

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