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Riot ban a streamer after he called them out for Korean toxicity

Published: 11:23, 06 April 2018
Updated: 10:02, 24 September 2018
Riot Games
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Riot Games have banned at least six of Cowsep's accounts just a week after he spoke out about the unchallenged toxicity on the Korean server. At first they claimed they banned him for account sharing, but that statement quickly backfired.

Cowsep is a high elo League of Legends streamer of American descent but he's been living in South Korea for over six years and therefore he plays on Korean servers. Twitch viewers don't get exposed to too much toxicity coming from the Korean players due to the language barrier, as the only words they can understand are the ones Cowsep translates for them. Things are different for him, however, as he understands all the xenophobic slurs but he was never able to effectively report the toxic players, due to the Korean servers not being moderated at all.

He spoke up about this a week ago on North American League of Legends forums, after he caused some controversy for leaving a match in progress. He originally left the game he thought his team would win, but after his viewers called him out for it, he came back, almost single handedly killed the opposing team so his team could close the match out, and then left again. This sparked more controversy on North American forums, that eventually caught Cowsep's attention so he decided to share some of his woes about playing in South Korea.

Riot Games Splash art for the default Master Yi skin in League of Legends. League of Legends - Cowsep gained his popularity due to being a Master Yi one trick pony.

He started a  where he described Riot Games' complete inaction against toxicity that has been rampant on the Korean servers for years, also providing a link to his reddit thread from three years ago where he opened up about Korean that forced Cowsep into changing his in-game name so the other players wouldn't recognise and flame him. There was no action taken to curb the toxicity on the server in the past three years.

He then proceeded to show a Twitch VoD to prove his point, where a player literally decided to throw the game just because Cowsep was in his team. This seems to have hit the nerve with Riot Games. There was no official response to Cowsep's accusations until today, when at least on the Korean servers.

Riot Games' employee RiotKyle finally broke the silence in the reddit thread claiming that Cowsep was banned for account sharing. This proved to be false, as Cowsep showed on stream that the only account Riot Games didn't ban was actually the one he was sharing.

This became even more suspicious after RiotKyle removed his statement from the reddit thread, linked just before the first Twitch video. It appears the only instances of someone getting banned on Korean servers are when a person says ''f--k'' which is literally the only flagged word on the servers or when Leaver Buster catches them afk, which can be easily circumvented by moving your champion every few minutes.

Apparently Cowsep found another way to get banned on the Korean servers - by calling out Riot Games' inaction in stopping toxicity on the server that proved to be the most successful in League of Legends' esports history. 

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