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Resident Evil 7 DLC for PlayStation 4 now available

Published: 13:06, 31 January 2017
Updated: 13:18, 31 January 2017
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC Vol.1 is now available for PlayStation 4 players

Capcom is fast off the blocks with an expansion for its new title - PlayStation 4 players will be the first to get the two “Banned Footage” content packs, which features two extra scenarios and an additional mode. 

Banned Footage Vol. is available to PlayStation 4 players as from now for £7.99. The content is also readily available for those who purchased the Deluxe Edition, and Season Pass holders.

resident evil screenshot showing white door Resident Evil Capcom Resident Evil

The pack includes “Nightmare”, where Clancy Javis has to scrape up weapons and ammo to fight off swarms of enemies and survive the night. Also included is a minigame named "Bedroom" where Clancy has to escape a locked room without Marguerite Baker noticing he's been out of bed. The extra game mode included is called “Ethan Must Die”, which is an extra hard mode separate from the events in the game. "Ethan Must Die" also does not support PSVR.

Banned Footage Vol. 2 will become available for PlayStation 4 users on 14 February, with a price tag of £11.99. Talk about a perfect Valentine Day's gift - a rush of adrenaline can easily be confused with infatuation. The pack features minigames called “21” and “Daughters”. In the "21" players will gamble with their lives, and in "Daughters" we get a sneak peek into the life of the Baker family before the events of the game. The gameplay mode coming with Banned Footage Vol. 2 is titled “Jack’s 55th Birthday” wherein the players race against the clock to serve treats to the man of the house for his, well, birthday. PSVR is not supported in this mode either.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Both content packs will be available for other platforms on 21 February. Deluxe Edition and Season Pass owners will get both packs as they release, along with an additional story episode with more details to come. A new separate storyline from Ethan's story will be available for free in spring 2017 as a part of the “Not a Hero” content.

Capcom Resident Evil Capcom Resident Evil

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