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Red Dead Online is entering its eight-month without an update

Published: 19:45, 02 March 2022
Red Dead Online players in 2022
Red Dead Online players in 2022

March events and rewards were revealed yesterday and the fans of Red Dead Online once again did not receive any new info about possible updates

It's no secret that Red Dead Online is the less-loved child of Rockstar compared to Grand Theft Auto V. Even though the GTA V is significantly older (2013 vs 2018), it still gets regular updates and just recently got a brand new free DLC with Dr. Dre himself. 

Compare that to the Red Dead Online which got its last major update in July last year, and there is no update currently in sight.

Rockstar does change monthly and weekly themes and rewards, but for the last 7 months they have been static, released at the beginning of the month, without any surprises or new features added.

Probably a good part of the reason why is active player count.

A month ago, Take-Two Interactive revealed that Grand Theft Auto V sold 5 million copies in the last 3 months, while Red Dead Online came up just 1 million short, which is not that big of a difference. However, the player count gap between the two games is huge

GTA V has been in the top 10 most played games on Steam every month for the last couple of years, having an average between 70k and 118k over the last year, with the peak going over 100k for every month since April 2019. (and sometimes over 200k).

Red Dead Online on the other hand struggles on both those fronts, averaging between 12k and 26k over the last year with the peak player count reaching only as much as 41,289 in January of 2022.

Rockstar did try to liven the game up with frequent discount sales of Red Dead Online exclusive, with the price going low as $4.60 last year, and costing only 8.50% at the moment on greenmangaming

That did result in a small player count boost, as the last 4 months have all had over 20 thousand average players, while the last month to reach 20k before that was in February of 2020, which was only three months after the PC release of the game.

Players have also tried starting the Twitter momentum going with the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline. 

#SaveRedDeadOnline campaign has amassed over 20,000 tweets in support just during the first week #SaveRedDeadOnline campaign has amassed over 20,000 tweets in support just during the first week

All that fell on deaf ears as Rockstar seems to continue ignoring the Red Dead Online.

There is hope that after the release of the GTA V for the next-gen consoles, Rockstar could shine some light on RDO and assign a part of its team to the development of Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online fans will continue to wait eagerly every first of the month for any news regarding the update, and hopefully, a full year won't pass between the updates, otherwise, we could be seeing the #IsRedDeadOnlineDead hashtag gain popularity.

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