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Valentine's day in Red Dead Online

Published: 20:50, 14 February 2022
Happy Valentine!
Happy Valentine!

Valentine's day may not be the biggest event in Red Dead Online, but there are couple of things worth your attention that will be only available for today.

This year's Valentine's Day in Red Dead Online probably won't leave its player base in awe, especially when you compare it to GTA Online, but nevertheless, you could still save up some cash and grab yourself some items & services 50% off.

The event happening today is the Call to Arms, PvE survival mode where you have to protect Valentine from 10 waves of enemies with up to 4 of your friends. The reward for just participating in an event is a care package of Fine Brandies and Chocolate Bars.

Also, completing the Love & honor story mission gets you the red Morning Tail Coat, albeit that is true for the rest of the month as well.

As for services, it is worth noting that all barber services are 50% off, so if you let your character loose, this is a perfect time to visit the local barbershop and get yourself sorted.

Clothing-wise, some usually expensive items are at a 50% discount including a couple of gold purchases for both men and women.

Clothing items on discount for men:

  • Top hats (including Worn & short stovepipe top hat gold purchases)
  • Vests
  • Select ties

Clothing items on discount for women:

  • Corset
  • Couple of dresses (including Litten dress gold purchase)

Rockstar Some gold purchases are 50% off Some gold purchases are 50% off

Unfortunately, the limited stock corsets that were available last year for purchase did not make an appearance. Whether they will be featured in some upcoming event in the future is still unknown.

Today also marks the last day of the New Hanover Series, so finish up any remaining tasks while you still have the time. That includes:

  • Craft an Item while at your Campfire to receive the Pink Camp Flag.
  • Track down, find and hunt any Legendary Animal to receive a red version of the Cornhill Hat.
  • Enter the game to receive 5 Fine Brandies and 10 Chocolate Bars.
  • Win any Featured Series to receive an Offer for 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher's Table.

The detailed roadmap of the February events can be found here.  

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

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