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Red Dead Online doubles cash rewards in Call to Arms this week

Published: 16:36, 07 September 2021
Rockstar Games
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Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games updated Red Dead Online with another rotation for the activities but also added the new Quickdraw Pass.

Quickdraw Pass No. 3 is probably the highlight for some players but keep in mind these are pretty short in Red Dead Online . They don't require you to grind every day for weeks on end so if you have a bunch of saved up collections, you might get most, if not all the rewards in the same day. One of the main attractions of the new pass is the Zapatero outfit, which is worn by Javier Escuela in the single-player mode.

However, those who want to grab a bunch of money have a pretty good chance with Call to Arms. It is usually the mode that is fairly generous for RDO standards but it's also dishing out double cash rewards until September 14, 2021. The bonus does not extend to gold though.

There is also a new list of discounts but it's really only the Bretons that are eye-catching. These horses are sturdy and the more expensive ones are pretty quick too, on top of being one of the bravest breeds in the game. Mealy Dapple and Steel Gray coats are the best among the bunch when it comes to stats and the discount means you can get them for $570 instead of the usual $950.

Red Dead Online - A New Source of Employment

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Red Dead Online - A New Source of Employment - A One Horse Deal

One Call to Arms run ending with wave nine or 10 should be just about enough to get you a great new horse.

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