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RAGE 2 is up for pre-ordering, doesn't have system requirements

Published: 00:22, 27 March 2019
Rage 2 - Shooting the Crusher

Bethesda along with id Software and Avalanche Studios have announced that RAGE 2 can now be pre-ordered on Steam, despite not listing the game's system requirements yet while fans are pointing out other red flags about the pre-order offer.

Bethesda recently announced that RAGE 2 will be available on Steam along with a few of their other titles including the new Wolfenstein entries and DOOM Eternal, possibly in order to get some goodwill with the fans but their opacity regarding RAGE 2 is a bit of a red flag.

The company recently posted an that RAGE 2 is up for pre-purchasing on Steam at the full AAA price for the standard version or with the 33 per cent price bump for the deluxe one.

While Bethesda and the developer studios did show some rather sweet looking gameplay previously, no one stated what the minimum requirements would be for RAGE 2. Therefore, a potential customer could pre-purchase the game without even knowing that their PC could possibly be unable to run it.

Steam users quickly responded with warnings for potential pre-ordering customers with some that the original RAGE was overhyped but eventually flopped, while others are reiterating once again that the deluxe edition essentially . Just to clarify, RAGE 2 will be a singleplayer game, cheats will be optional and they will therefore not hamper any players' experience with the game - we are simply pointing out a silly monetisation strategy.

Another red flag is that the founder and 16-year-long CEO of Avalanche Studios not too long ago and just before RAGE 2 gets released. 

Bethesda Two buggies on a dirt road from Bethesda's game Rage 2 Rage 2

On the other hand, these potential warnings are not dissuading people from pre-ordering RAGE 2 as the game is on Steam, hinting at a large number of digital copies already being pre-ordered, which could in part be thanks to Epic Games' exclusivity deals, as some customers either pre-ordered the game to ensure a Steam key while others tried to support Steam in this way, hoping Bethesda won't jump ship in the last moment like Deep Silver did.

If only they knew Bethesda already themselves to Team Steam.

RAGE 2 by Avalanche Studios, id Software and Bethesda

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Rage 2

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