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Bethesda reveals more details about Rage along with a new trailer

Published: 15:56, 15 May 2018
A dumbass wasteland raider seems to be attempting to kick a speeding monster truck
Rage 2

Bethesda and id Software have revealed a pile of new details for their upcoming Rage 2. This update also came with the much requested gameplay trailer, after some fans found themselves disgruntled about yesterday's cinematic outing.

According to Bethesda's newest update on Rage 2, players will assume the role of Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland as he tries to survive the mess of Rage's dystopian world. Vineland Rangers used to be an order of elite soldiers who had Ark blood that's littered with microscopic robots named Nanotrites.

These tiny robots gave the Rangers amazing abilities but also made them the targets of the oppressive government that goes by the name "Authority". Players of the original Rage will be familiar with these terms and Authority's never ending chase after Ark survivors. Be wary of the spoilers for original Rage in the next sentence. The fact that the player activated all of the remaining Arks simultaneously in order to form an elite group of soldiers to fight the Authority may hint that Rage 2 takes place further down the road after Authority prevails.

Unlike the first game, Rage 2 isn't solely developed by id Software. They are co-developing it with Avalanche Studios who are lending their mastery of open world sandbox to the game, according to Bethesda. Meanwhile, id Software will focus on the first-person aspect of the game.

General Cross returns once again as the leader of the Authority, with a goal of hunting down any pureblood Arkists left in the world. RAGE spoilers until the end of this paragraph - this further hints that the Arkists awakened by Raine were exterminated.

Aside from the Authority, Walker will face off against gangs and mutants once again, with a particular type of mutant, named Crusher, can be seen on the screenshot below. 

Bethesda Rage 2 - Shooting the Crusher Rage 2 - Shooting the Crusher

Walker's Nanotrite abilities will include the power to "crush enemies into paste from above" or "send them flying away from him with a lethal energy push". He will also be able to "channel these Nanotrites into his weapons" which will push them into Overdrive, which I imagine will function a lot like Tactical Link in The Division. 

RAGE 2 will release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one in 2019. The full reveal and more screenshots can be found on Bethesda's .

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