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Pyschonauts 2 E3 panel to feature Tim Schafer and Jack Black

Published: 08:15, 23 May 2019
Double Fine Productions
Psychonauts 2 protagonist Razputin
Psychonauts 2

Attention Razputin enthusiasts - Psychonauts 2 will be getting a special panel and a demo at this year's E3 Coliseum. We don't know the exact time, but we do know it will be hosted by Geoff Keigley and guests Jack Black and Tim Schafer.

Psychonauts 2's release date is yet to be announced, but the plan is to release it in 2019, so hopefully, we won't have to wait for too long after E3.

At the same time, we hope we'll get to see a more extensive demonstration, as Schafer wasn't overly generous when it comes to sharing footage on Raz's new adventures.

You can expect the usual - interviews with the two on the development of Psychonauts 2, as well as the usual hilarity that comes with Jablinski, even though he may be short of Rage Cage, his trusted sidekick. 

We should get the exact timing by the time E3 is huffing and puffing, but it's safe to assume it'll be worth the watch. 

Schafer and Black's last E3 appearance was all about Grim Fandango and its then-impending launch for Switch, but it was quite the show as we were treated to a of Manny Calavera's ridiculously hilarious plight.

It seems like Schafer and Black have struck quite a friendship during their making of Brutal Legend, and Jablinski has featured heavily in just about every Schafer's project since, live reading included.

As things currently stand, Psychonauts 2 is still being published by Starbreeze, and we hope Schafer will have more information on this come E3.

Namely, the publisher's financial reports recently stated that they may if they do not find additional funding by mid-year.

This means Double Fine may actually end up needing a backup publishing plan, and we can only hope Starbreeze will find a way out.

Psychonauts Psychonauts 2
Psychonauts 2

If Starbreeze manage to launch Psychonauts 2, it should be a valuable asset and while we doubt it can save the publisher all on its own, it'll certainly help more than did.

You can find the E3 announcement tweet .

Psychonauts 2 by Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions

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Psychonauts 2, what else to say but wow!

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