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PUBG's test server gets training mode, gun, vehicle and more

Published: 15:45, 05 September 2018
Updated: 15:46, 05 September 2018

PUBG Corp have rolled out PUBG's Update #21 and it's live on test servers, bringing the much anticipated training mode, Asian version of the Trottermobile, new weapon in MK47 Mutant, a new laser sight attachment, rewards system and more.

A bit peculiar is the part where PUBG Corp list the issues reported on their Fix PUBG website, as if someone other than them actually broke it. Anyway, the training mode was announced and by the dev already and you can now have a proper go at it.

Interestingly, the training mode has been live in PUBG Mobile for some time now, albeit in a simpler form. Nevertheless, it seems that the mobile team is running away with it when it comes to PUBG development.

The new PUBG gun is MK47 Mutant and it doesn't come as a map exclusive weapon, i.e. it's available on each. The Mutant uses 7.62mm ammunition and has 20 rounds, although it can be upgraded to 30 with extended mags.

It has two firing modes - single shot and 2 round burst, which would normally suggest a slightly higher skill cap. The Mutant uses all types of attachments but it has no stock slot.

The laser sight attachment reduces bullet spread in hip firing and soft-aiming, taking up the grip slot when mounted.

I actually recall loving the Tukshai back when they were teasing the about the time when Sanhok was still called , and it seems to be coming in fast. Well, as fast as it can at least.

Note that the little fellow is slower than its colleagues above, but makes more sense as a vehicle when considering the size of the map. The Tukshai is a 3 person vehicle that "substitutes the UAZ, Dacia and Minibus" and is of course exclusive to Sanhok.

PUBG Corp also added a so called supply system, which awards players "based on completed missions and play time", with missions refreshed daily and weekly.

There are a bunch of bug fixes as well as Bluezone effects changes, which you can check out on the Steam .

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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