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PUBG now allows you to literally carry teammates

Published: 19:15, 29 September 2021

Krafton updated PUBG with patch 14.1, introducing a pile of changes, with some novelties like literally carrying teammates on your back.

Carrying teammates will get an expanded meaning in PUBG as the game now allows you to pick up a wounded character and carry them around with you. This feature has additional mechanics, somewhat similar to what you would expect in real life.

When you pick a character up, you will not be able to sprint, crouch, prone or vault over obstacles but you will get a human shield - any bullets the carried body catches are the bullets you won't. On that note, if you need cover and have a wounded enemy nearby, you know what to do.

Your weapon options are limited while carrying someone as you can't use panzerfaust, melee weapons, throwables, emergency pickup or parachute. Furthermore, you can only use hip fire so it's highly unlikely you will score long-range kills with a player on your shoulder.

As for the player being carried, their vision is limited to the side their carrier points them to. On the other hand, they can still do callout so be careful if you're kidnapping a wounded enemy.

There is also the lack of the option to stow wounded enemies in a vehicle so you are locked in to slow movement while carrying someone. In other words, make sure you can get them to safety without getting all shot up yourself. 

Weighing the options between reviving and carrying will certainly deepen PUBG's mechanics and lead to interesting new situations.

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