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PUBG doing NA server relocation tests to decrease console ping

Published: 15:52, 23 November 2020
PUBG - Sanhok 4
PUBG - Sanhok 4

PUBG Corp have been trying out different server locations in North America and the European Union in an effort to find the best locations and configurations for console players.

In order to appease the fans' request for central NA servers, PUBG Corp had their servers in Dallas, but ultimately had to relocate them to Virginia. The reason was that DDoS attacks led to degraded network quality, and while the relocation worked, the team kept up with the testing to see if more can be done. 

"Some of these locations aren’t exactly near the center of the US. However, the physical location of a server isn’t the only factor that leads to good network conditions. Actually, depending on how servers are connected to certain internet service providers(ISPs), the network conditions could be worse even though the physical location may be closer to you. This isn’t to say that physical location is unimportant though, so the locations we’ll be testing are indeed closer to the center of the US than Virginia", the dev wrote.

PUBG Corp's North American testing is already underway and West Coast's PUBG players should be able to tell the difference already. Unfortunately, this may result in slightly higher pings for those from the East Coast, but it shouldn't be nearly as bad as the former had. 

Additionally, the dev reminded that one coast having excellent ping while the other suffers is also among the reasons why everyone experiences degrading network conditions. "Situations like this are partly the reason why de-sync occurs", they wrote.

PUBG Corporation PUBG - Driver Shooting PUBG - Driver Shooting

As for PC players, PUBG Corp stressed that if their NA and EU testing reveal that there's room for improvement on the PC side, they may result in PC changes as well.

You can find the post on PUBG's official website .

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