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PUBG 2 could be running on Unreal Engine 5, it's claimed

Published: 13:08, 23 September 2021
PUBG screenshot showing combat on volcano map

It looks like Krafton are using Unreal Engine 5 to develop the next PUBG experience, which has been rumoured for quite some time.

It's no secret that a sequel to critically-acclaimed battle royale PUBG is in the works now. The game, which is known as PUBG 2, has been rumoured for quite some time and it's expected to launch next year, if everything goes according to plan. It needs to be said that Krafton are yet to officially unveil such title, though.

A well-known PUBG leaker who goes by the name of Player IGN on Twitter has recently shared a couple of new details about the development of what could be a brand new PUBG game, possibly PUBG 2. Apparently, the game is being built on Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5.

The leaker shared a job listing for a Technical Art Director position at PUBG Corporation Amsterdam. The ideal candidate would work closely with Art Director, Game Director and Producer on an unannounced AAA project in Unreal Engine 5. 

Player IGN states that according to internal sources, the team discussed upgrading from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5 a few months ago. 

Now, we still don't know for certain if this Unreal Engine 5 game is indeed PUBG 2 and until Krafton officially confim it, everything is just speculation and rumour so we suggest you take it with a grain of salt.

If true, though, switching to Unreal Engine 5 would allow the development team to implement some awesome next-gen features like the impressive geometry system Nanite or Lumen, the engine's new lighting feature, which would make PUBG 2 look visually spectacular. 


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