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Analyst says Sony's focus is on PS5, with dev kits already out

Published: 11:07, 30 January 2019
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Sony have raised quite a few eyebrows by announcing they'll skip on this year's E3 but the company's sights are apparently set elsewhere, as analyst Daniel Ahmed stated that most of their focus is reserved for PlayStation 5 development.

Writing in a post on ResetEra, Ahmad, who works as an analyst at Niko Partners, said, "PS5 dev kits are out there and I've heard positive things about it. But I wouldn't expect any information in the immediate future".

Now, having Sony look ahead at this stage shouldn't be much of a surprise considering that PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its life cycle. Note that these cycles traditionally lasted for six years, except for the switch from PS3 to PS4, which took seven years, so Sony have still got some leeway here.

Ahmad said that Sony currently have a few unannounced PS4 games in the stable, and "there have been discussions around making them cross-gen/next-gen titles." While it's unlikely that any of them will shift their focus from PS4 consoles, Sony are still weighing their options.

He also said that he expects another "solid year for the platform due to the large install base, growing network sales, strong third-party software, first-party software and back catalog." Even though it's a bit early to be discussing next generation PlayStations, he said that we're likely to "hear some whispers come out of GDC."

Looking at the year 2018, however, one wouldn't think PlayStation 4 is getting old, as Sony truly had a . Expectations around their exclusives God of War and Spider-Man were already high, but the company still exceeded them, and then some.

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On the more practical side of things though, some games really put PS4 consoles through their paces and while they may be sufficient at the moment, it's clear that it's time for a change. Heck, even our resident PS4 freaks reported their consoles "trying to fly away" when stressed, and you can't blame them after hearing it in action.

You can find Ahmad's posts on ResetEra forums over .

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