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PS Plus October games reportedly leak: Hell Let Loose, Mortal Kombat X and more

Published: 07:05, 27 September 2021
Warner Bros.
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Mortal Kombat X

A list of alleged PlayStation Plus games for the month of October has surfaced online revealing that Mortal Kombat X, Hell Let Loose and PGA Tour 2K21.

Once again, the full list of PlayStation Plus games have surfaced online before the official announcement from Sony and once again, the leak comes from a forum site Dealabs, courtesy of the user named billbil-kun.

The biggest highlight is Hell Let Loose, a WW2 shooter that is actually launching on PlayStation Plus day one. Since the game is coming only to current-gen consoles, PlayStation 4 players obviously won't get this promising WW2 shooter.

However, there are two more titles that are available to PS4 owners. These are NetherRealm's brutal shooter Mortal Kombat X and 2K Games' golf simulator PGA Tour 2K21.

Some may be disappointed with the addition of Mortal Kombat X since the game was already available for free before, several times too, but it is what it is. 

Dealabs PS Plus October games leaked PS Plus October games leaked

If the list is indeed legit, the upcoming month will have one of the weaker lineups for PlayStation 4 players but PlayStation 5 owners will certainly be happy with a brand new release in Hell Let Loose. It's safe to say that Sony openly prefer one of the platforms over the other.

Sony should announce PlayStation Plus October games in the coming days while the titles will be available starting October 5, 2021 so get your September games before they are replaced. 

Mortal Kombat X by NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros.

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Mortal Kombat X

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