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Possible new zones of New World have been discovered among game files

Published: 03:01, 04 August 2021
New World screenshot showing several characters
New World

With the end of the beta, New World has closed its doors to players in an effort to polish the game before the great launch. However, enterprising players have been looking around game files and strings, and have found interesting information.

For thousands of years, the mysterious island of Aeternum has been the source of fantastical legends—and now you’ve found it. Shipwrecked, with no supplies or allies, you’ll need to make your way in a dangerous world where the fundamental laws of life and death don’t apply.

Magic flows through Aeternum. It brings life: miraculous healing, reanimation of the dead, and strange flora with magical properties. And it brings horror: the power to cause untold destruction and the slow wasting of the soul through countless cycles of death and resurrection.

That would be the gist of New World, and the theme they are going for. To expand on their already existing world, players discussing on Reddit seem to have come to a conclusion, looking at strings of code, that three new areas can be expected, and those are most likely to be:

  • Brimstone Sands    
  • East Consolation    
  • Morrow Tide    

This conjecture is based on the way developers format the other zones of the same game file.

As for the game files that exhibit unknown weapons, items, and armors, those have been found to belong to mobs scattered around the in-game world, more specifically, the humanoid kind of mobs, such as pirates and bandits.

Amazon Games New World New World brings the "dark" to dark fantasy

Worth mentioning, however, are also the Void gauntlets abilities, which have been all but confirmed at this point. The abilities seem like they would be fun to use, but not game-breaking, which some players have started to fear after the cosmetics have been added into the game.

The issue players have with these is that they break the theme of the game, which leans towards dark fantasy, with bright colors and shapes, which can, however, be easily remedied by installing an option to toggle on and off the cosmetic packs.

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