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PlayStation console exclusive Stray rated in Korea for PC

Published: 15:03, 07 April 2022
Stray screenshot showing a cat

The PC version of BlueTwelve Studio's adventure title Stray has received a "12 years old" rating in Korean, which could mean a release date reveal is just around the corner. 

PlayStation console exclusive Stray was one of the highlights of Sony's last year show but sadly since then, we haven't heard much of the game. The release date is still set for 2022 and the developer BlueTwelve Studio are keeping quiet as they work on the game. 

But it does look like we could be getting some information very soon.  The PC version of Stray has been officially rated in Korea  with a "12 years old" rating. Usually, when games get rated, it's a signal that the release date is coming in the next couple of months. 

As for the potential new details in the rating, there isn't really much that we haven't known by now. The rating description mentions minor expressions of violence in battles with non-human creatures, minor drug expressions and depictions of alcohol bottles in liquor stores, hence "the 12 year old" rating.  

Steam Stray is a console exclusive for PlayStation Stray is a console exclusive for PlayStation

All in all, we hope to hear more about Stray very soon now that the game has an official rating. We'll keep an eye on ESRB and PEGI rating boards for potential western ratings, which would mean that the release is indeed very close. 

In case you're not familiar with Stray, it's a third-person cat adventure game set in the neon-lit alleys of a big cybercity. It follows a stray cat who befriends a small drone known as B12 on its quest of finding its lost family.

Stray is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 sometime in 2022. The Xbox version is yet to be announced.

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