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PlayStation 5 reportedly supersamples 4K resolution on 1440p monitors

Published: 18:17, 12 November 2020
I1AXEL1I Twitter
screenshot showing PlayStation 5 reportedly outputting 4K resolution on 1440p monitors
PlayStation 5 reportedly outputting 4K resolution on 1440p monitors

It seems that PlayStation 5 won't run games at 1080p resolution when plugged into 1440p monitors. Instead, the console will output 4K resolution at 60hz.

You probably know by now that Sony officially confirmed their new console PlayStation 5 will not support 1440p resolution, which disappointed many players, to put it mildly. Sony did, however, say they will consider the feature if there's enough interest.

And while the console officially won't support the feature, it seems that there's some good news for those with 1440p monitors. Apparently, PlayStation 5 will not run games at 1080p resolution on 1440p monitors, which was the case with PlayStation 4.

Instead, Sony's new console will output 4K resolution, which if true, will be fantastic news for 1440p monitor owners. Twitter user Axel shared quite an interesting video which shows his PlayStation 5 running 4K resolution on 1440p 165Hz DELL monitor. Check it out below:

"I plugged in my monitor to my PlayStation 5. The monitor is a 1440p/165hz panel. The PS5 is currently outputting a resolution of 2160p!!!  So it won't run games at 1080p," Axel wrote in the tweet.

The video certainly seems legit and if this is indeed true, then PC players who also own PlayStation 5 won't have that messy blur called 1080p resolution on their monitors anymore. 

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Of course, until we get an official confirmation from Sony that this is indeed how PlayStation 5 works on 1440p monitors, take this with a grain of salt, just like any other unconfirmed info. 

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