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PlayStation 5 internal SSD storage will be upgradeable

Published: 16:38, 18 March 2020
Updated: 17:46, 18 March 2020
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PlayStation 5

Road to PlayStation 5 kicked off with a lecture on different drives the players used over the years but also revealed something that will be good news for the Sony crowd - users will be able to buy additional SSD storage for PS5.

Console users have several hardware disadvantages when compared to PC users over the years, which is not unexpected considering the prices of the different platforms. One of the major advantages of the PC is the ability to customise the parts based on the user's needs while consoles are stuck with their hardware until the next generation.

With PlayStation 5, some of that will change. The console will come with an SSD that can store up to 825 GB of data but that limit will be surpassable. While Xbox Series X boasts 1TB of storage, it remains to be seen what the exact number will be in GBs since these conversions are sometimes deceiving at first glance.

However, the Sony branch of console gamers shouldn't have storage issues either since PS5 will support M.2 SSDs which can be added into the bay and potentially double the initial storage which is already fairly hefty.

These storage drives will be purchasable on the market later on but Sony didn't announce which brands will be supported yet. Considering that Xbox Series X promised a similar feature , Sony fans will be relieved to hear their hardware will not be left in the dust.

That's not all, however, and if you need even more storage, an external HDD can be connected. Considering this will most likely be due to nostalgic needs and games from previous generations, it could be wise to keep them on the external HDD and keep SSD space for the newer and more demanding titles.

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