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PlayStation 5 design reveal should be coming soon

Published: 17:40, 28 May 2020
artwork showing a render of rumored PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 Render

The reveal of the PlayStation 5 design should not be far away according to reliable Takashi Mochizuki. The mass production of the console which means risk of leaks so Sony will try to stay ahead of the curve with the reveal.

PlayStation 5 design is still under the wraps and only Sony know when exactly we'll get our first glimpse of the console. The Japanese tech giant still keep many things secret but that should change soon at the June PS5 event, when many first and third-party games are set to be revealed along with new details about the console itself.

According to Bloomberg's tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki, PlayStation 5 design reveal also is not far away. Mochizuki states that mass production of PlayStation 5 is starting which could lead to leak risk of console images. That's why Sony plan to reveal the design soon, to stay ahead of the curve and eliminate the potential risk of leaks.

Sony Playstation image Plenty of PS4 games on the way for the remainder of May 2020

"I expect official reveal of PS5 design is near anyway because mass production is starting and that means leak risk of console/console image," Mochizuki wrote. "Given SIE trying to stay ahead of curve, reveal shouldn't be too far away"

PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
PlayStation 4 Glacier White - Set
PlayStation 4 Glacier White

Sony are yet to officially confirm when exactly they plan to showcase the design but it looks like we are just weeks away from the big event. Before that though, we have some big game reveals to look forward to.

PlayStation 5 is set to launch sometime during Holiday season 2020.

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