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PlayStation 3 shipments cease in Japan

Published: 12:18, 30 May 2017
Closeup photo of Sony PlayStation 3
PlayStation 3

Shipments of the standard 500GB model of the PlayStation 3 are now listed as "ended" on Sony's website for Japan. These are the final days of the PlayStation 3 globally, as production is likely to cease outside of Japan in the coming months as well.

The PlayStation 3 had a troubled launch with famously few games to go around, and fierce competition from Microsoft's Xbox 360 throughout that generation of consoles. Nevertheless, it held up fairly well, selling somewhere around 80 million copies worldwide during its little over 10 year long run.

has translated the official status change of the console on Sony's Japanese .

Trickosoft PlayStation 3 versions compared PlayStation 3 Variants

The discontinuation in Japan means that worldwide production will soon be coming to an end as well. This confirms Sony's previous statements that the company wants its consoles to have at last a 10 year lifespan and the PlayStation 3 has surpassed that goal by a few months.

Sony will most likely focus on the PlayStation 4 and PSVR in the future, so firmware updates and support for the PlayStation 3 is going to slowly die down in the coming months.

The console launched back in November 2006 in Japan and North America, while it became globally available in March of the following year.

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