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PlayerUnknown's Reddit AMA - nobody was ever banned for honking

Published: 16:53, 20 September 2017
Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene - Reddit AMA

Brendan PlayerUnknown Greene has answered some fan questions during a Reddit AMA today. The things most players had on their mind were PUBG optimisation, upcoming features and Brendan's experiences in Korea.

There is sure a lot of questions one could ask Brenda PlayerUnknown Greene but it looks like the more daring redditors were absent from the platform during the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds AMA earlier today.

Bluehole PUBG character parachuting into the map PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Most of the assembled crowd was concerned with server and overall optimisation issues.

Greene proceeded to answer a few questions about his time in Korea, and how his life had changed since PUBG exploded onto Steam Early Access.

PlayerUnknown refused to comment on what the project's initial working title was, but we might find out eventually.

Among other things, Greene warned players not to take anything they hear online for granted.

You can have a look at the complete AMA over . In case you missed out this time, I wouldn't worry - there is bound to be another one of these someday close to launch.


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