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Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya wants to revive Scalebound: "Phil, let's do it!"

Published: 12:44, 08 February 2022
Scalebound poster showing a dragon and protagonist Drew
Scalebound is one of the cancelled Xbox exclusives

Hideki Kamiya and Platinum Games seem pretty interesting in reviving Xbox exclusive Scalebound. 

Cancelled Xbox exclusive Scalebound is not entirely dead, yet. PlatinumGames president Atsushi Inaba and vice president Hideki Kamiya revealed their intention to work with Xbox once again to bring Scalebound back to life.

In a recent interview with IGN Japan, Platinum Games bosses even invited Phil Spencer to make Scalebound together. 

"We've got a lot of work to do, and it's no use for Microsoft to keep it, so we would like to do something about it," Kamiya said (machine-translated by Google). "Phil [Spencer]! Let's do it together."

Inaba added that Hideki Kamiya always wanted to work on Scalebound and that Platinum would like to negotiate the possibility of re-starting the development of the game.

"Kamiya has always wanted to do it. So we'd like to have a proper discussion with Microsoft."

Microsoft Concept art for Scalebound Scalebound - We will always have concept art

It seems that the Scalebound ball is in Microsoft's court and it will be interesting to see how Phil Spencer responds to these comments from Platinum Games. 

The relationship between the American giant and the Japanese devs was not great since the game was cancelled but with Spencer at the helm, the current Xbox is a totally different company than it was during the last generation. 

Whether or not Xbox have any interest in reviving Scalebound, it remains to be seen. We wouldn't be surprised by either outcome. 

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