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Pick up Rayman Legends for free this week from Epic Games Store

Published: 19:15, 29 November 2019
Cover for Ubisoft's platform game Rayman: Legends
Rayman Legends

Another week and another Epic Games Store freebie. This time it's Ubisoft's Rayman Legends, a delicious platformer from 2013 that you probably owe to yourself to try, because to this day it remains one of the best platforming games around.

The fact that Epic is giving out a single free game this week means that it's one everyone can play, and even though we can think of quite a few exquisite platformers off the top of our head, there aren't many that are as whimsical and joyful as Rayman Legends. 

Even if we nitpicked, like, really hard, there's very little to nitpick at - Rayman Legends is beautifully designed, both in terms of artistic approach and technical matters. Heck, when it comes to the art style - Ubisoft's gem is a great example of how timeless you can make a game with some added elbow grease. 

In spite of rave reviews on every platform it launched, and it covered just about every last and current-gen one, Rayman Legends started off a bit slow in terms of sales, apparently picking up speed later. Ubisoft didn't reveal the exact figures but they did say that they're pleased with how it was doing one year later.

Back to the game itself, which coincidentally also starts off slow, Rayman Legends players will soon be thrown into a gorgeous world and ever-expanding complexity of gameplay. You'll often be using your sidekick for valuable assistance, which further deepens the gameplay. 

Ubisoft Picture of Ubisoft's protagonist of Rayman series running from monsters Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

Having just given it a spin after a long while, yours truly can personally attest that Rayman Legends has lost none of its charm, not to mention that it's still as addictive as the first time I played it.

You can pick up Rayman Legends from .

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