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Phantasy Star Online 2 graphics engine on PC gets a launch date

Published: 20:48, 18 December 2020
Phantasy Star Online 2
Phantasy Star Online 2

SEGA announced more details about the upcoming changes in Phantasy Star Online 2 as the devs are preparing for the next entry in the series.

PSO2 will get a graphics engine overhaul in February 2021, meaning we are roughly two months away from the upgraded looks. However, better looks also mean higher system requirements, which will not be ideal for the players with older systems.

That said, even the currently recommended specs are already low, not to mention the minimum ones. An Intel i5 6500 CPU is enough to fulfil the recommended CPU requirement and even the GPU was mid-range, all those generations ago when the GTX 750 Ti was released. 

Considering that these requirements are rather low while still offering quite the viusal spectacle during PSO2 action, it may not be too optimistic to hope that the new requirements will not be too high and players will have an easy time settling in.

The reason for the upgrade is the upcoming release of PSO2: New Genesis which will technically be a sequel but the players will be able to import their existing PSO2 characters. It is somewhat dubious how much grind will be skipped this way but then again, it may not matter that much to everyone.

Anyway, the updated PC requirements will be announced in mid-February and in case someone's PC can't handle the game's requirements, the devs suggested trying out the cloud version. You know, like streaming.

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