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Action MMORPG PSO 2 New Genesis launch date announced

Published: 20:01, 01 June 2021
PSO 2 New Genesis launches on June 9
PSO 2 New Genesis launches on June 9

Welcome old and new ARKS operatives. New allies and enemies await you in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis. Create new characters or use your old ones and explore the planet of Halpha.

When taking into account action MMORPGs, one cannot but mention SEGA's Phantasy Star Online franchise. Set in its own universe in which various races explore habitable planets and battle foul Falspawn, being hellbent on destroying it. In-game servers are called Ships, following the sci-fi and space opera theme of the game.

As an action MMORPG, the game boasts a real-time fighting system. Attacks can be blocked, evaded, and comboed, based on the multitude of equipment and skills available to the player. The class system is also well developed, with eight basic classes to be chosen as the main class, four, so-called, Scion classes, and the option for secondary classes, giving the players vast options for character customization according to their own playstyle.

The New Genesis sequel is set one millennium after the events of the Oracle. On the planet called Halpha, the next generation of ARKS operatives team up with mysterious allies known as the Meteorn, beings which came there to battle the new, mysterious enemies, the Dolls.

According to their official site, PSO 2 New Genesis is set to launch on June 9, after the daily maintenance.

SEGA PSO 2 New Genesis character examples PSO 2 New Genesis character examples

 It is intended as a standalone title, in which players will be able to play their original characters from PSO 2, and vice versa. Alongside this, PSO 2 graphics will be updated to match the newest standard set by New Genesis.

A revamped battle system is to be featured in New Genesis, as well as new ways to traverse the world based on, of course, the photon particle energy. The updated graphics will focus on the aesthetics and quality of life changes, giving the players the opportunity to create characters with more defined and unique features.

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