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Peter Molyneux isn't talking about his new game - kind of

Published: 15:21, 04 April 2017
Updated: 15:36, 04 April 2017
Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneux not talking about his latest game project is the same as Peter Molyneux talking about his latest game project. Do we still know nothing about 'Legacy' if we know a little too much about the man behind it?

Veteran game maker Peter Molyenux is refusing to talk about his latest project called Legacy. Despite Peter not really saying anything about the game, it is safe to say that a lot of people can already hear what he would like to say inside of their heads, if he dared.

Molyenux's studio 22Cans released their mobile game The Trail late last year, with none of the usual hype associated with the controversial developer. It looks like lessons have been learned from the disasters of Curiosity and Godus. Disasters in this case, being a bit of an understatement. The two games promised a lot - only to deliver close to nothing. 

NAG Peter Molyneux Peter Molyneux

Understandably, Molyenux was exercising restraint in a recent interview with . "The only thing I think is wise to tell you is that it's very different. One of the things I am proud of is the number of different genres that I've attempted. At the moment, it's hard to peg what genre Legacy falls into."

Despite not really saying much about his latest project at all, reading through the interview, I couldn't help but read all of the game developer's answers in that same childlike hype-y tone of voice he has become (in)famous for over the years.

Reputation can be a damning thing and the question that remains is: Can Peter Molyenux ever announce a game again, without it instantly being interpreted as hype fuel? Apparently not. Since every major gaming news site has reported on him not talking about his latest project. I'm going to stop now before this gets too meta.

Here is a funny picture of a regular cat and some French cats - in case this whole affair left you as depressed as it did me.

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