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PES brand manager talks PES 2021 gameplay, Nintendo Switch version and more

Published: 10:07, 12 August 2020
Updated: 10:10, 12 August 2020
eFootball PES 2021 Season Update home screen featuring Messi
eFootball PES 2021 Season Update

In an interview with Eurogamer, Lennart Bobzien, the European brand manager for PES, talked about a number of things related to the upcoming season update title - PES 2021.

With Konami shifting most of their Pro Evolution Soccer ambitions to the next generation of platforms, their announcement for the new(ish) current-gen PES game being a season update only was actually received quite well by the game's community.

After all, it's not exactly a frequent occurrence to see a sports game step away from the usual yearly release cycle in hopes of creating a proper title - one that is, ideally, worth its AAA price tag.

But, just what is this season update all about? Konami have announced some key information about the game, but thanks to a Eurogamer interview with Lennart Bobzien, the European brand manager for PES - we have learned a bunch of new things that are quite interesting to say the least.

Namely, according to the interview, the gameplay of PES 2021 will not be any different from that of its predecessor. "The gameplay will be the same as PES 2020." said Lennart. "Whether there will be any tweaks in the future, I cannot comment on that right now."

Pro Evolution Soccer titles are normally kept up-to-date through updates called data packs, and as Lennart put it, this will be the case for PES 2021 as well: "[...], we will still release data pack updates with new content. There will be new kits released. And also the same with myClub. Last year we introduced the Iconic Moment Series. That's something we will still run for PES 2021. We also have the Euros added right from launch. So there will be some Euro-related content happening in myClub, but also in matchday at a later stage."

Konami Bruno Fernandes crossing the ball in PES 2020 Much like in real life, Bruno Fernandes is a force to be reckoned with in PES 2020.

Licences are known as one of the biggest issues for the PES franchise, with FIFA absolutely dominating the market year in and year out, and it seems as though PES 2021 will not be expanding Konami's roster of officially licensed teams.

"[...] what I can say is PES 2021 will have more or less the same type of licenses as in PES 2020. The only difference will be, you have clubs which have been relegated from certain leagues, so some clubs we will lose just because they have been relegated. But overall the licence portfolio will be very similar to PES 2020." stated Lennart.

Nintendo Switch is one of the platforms that still hasn't been graced by Konami's football giant, and things won't be much different this time around either, as Lennart officially confirmed that "there will be no Switch version for this year", meaning that PES 2021 will only be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam again.

Konami Philippe Coutinho celebrating a goal in PES 2020 eFootball PES 2020 is an absolute eye candy.

Speaking about the next generation of platforms, Lennart said that the Konami team aren't completely sure that PES 2021 would work on next-gen consoles.

"In terms of backwards compatibility, we're really leaning on the first-parties and their messaging in terms of what they're saying will and won't work. We're doing testing at the moment in Japan. Microsoft has been very clear that virtually all games going way back to Xbox will run on Xbox Series X. We're not putting out too much publicly because we want to do that testing first ourselves.

"But we're confident at launch you will be able to play PES 2021 on these new consoles. But it's a question of optimisation and what will and won't be so good. That's why we're hesitant at the moment. We're doing all that testing, and then we can put out some clear messaging as to what the advantages will be by playing on these new consoles."

However, it seems as though that the Japanese publisher is only uncertain when it comes to PlayStation 5 at the moment, because when Eurogamer's Deputy Editor, Wesley Yin-Poole, implied that the game would in fact, then, be playable on next-gen platforms, Lennart said: "From what we've seen from Microsoft. We're still waiting on Sony's public messaging with regards to backwards compatibility."

You can read more about Wesley's chat with Lennart over at Eurogamer .

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