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Persona 5 Royal Xbox version submitted for rating in Korea

Published: 09:39, 05 June 2021
Persona 5

Persona 5 Royal is on its way to Xbox consoles judging by the latest rumours. The game's release on Xbox was already teased by insiders and it looks like an official reveal is coming sooner than expected.

Atlus' JRPG Persona 5 Royal could be coming soon to Xbox consoles according to the latest rumours. Apparently, the game has been submitted for rating in Korea by Microsoft Singapore, which suggest that first details and announcement regarding the potential Xbox port could be imminent.

"In Korea, 'Persona 5 Royal' was passed by Singapore MS at the Korea Game Management Committee in September 2020," states Twitter User YuJeong Kimi, who found the listing.

Now, before you get all excited and activate full hype mode, we suggest you take this with a dose of skepticism, since it's not coming from official sources.

We know that some Xbox insiders already hinted previously Persona 5's release on the Xbox consoles and there's certainly a chance that will happen, especially with Xbox's eagerness to rebuild their relationship with the Japanese developers.

Atlus picture showing city and people Persona 5: The Royale

If we had to guess when will SEGA and Xbox talk more about Persona games on Xbox, we would say the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase could be a perfect opportunity for that.

Xbox already confirmed they will talk about new Game Pass additions, and Persona 5 Royal could be one of those games but this is just speculation at this point, so certainly don't take it as gospel.

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