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Path of Exile's Delve expansion introduces an infinite dungeon

Published: 14:29, 10 August 2018
Updated: 15:16, 10 August 2018
Grinding Gear Games
Screenshot of the Crawler in Path of Exile: Delve's Azurite Mine Dungeon
Path of Exile: Delve

Grinding Gear Games have announced Delve, the latest expansion for Path of Exile which introduces Azurite Mines, an infinite dungeon as well as socketable currency, new unique items and a ton of new content, all for free as per usual.

Path of Exile: Delve's unique Azurite Mine dungeon will literally be infinite. That doesn't mean dull by any means though, as Grinding Gear Games have announced that the dungeon will come with a unique challenge. As the lore goes, the Azurite Mine has been untouched for 250 years and has been consumed by a "malevolent darkness" that apparently came from the Eternal Empire.

An inventor that goes by the name Niko managed to craft a device called The Crawler, which will follow players into the Azurite Mine's depths and pierce this malevolent darkness. The Crawler has its own movement speed but will speed up if a player gets too far from it, in order to catch up and save their life since the darkness will apparently crush those reckless enough.

Being adventurous will make it worth players' while though, as GGG stated that Azurite Mine "is full of treasures for those brave enough to risk the darkness for short periods of time" so it seems like a system where risk and reward are tightly knit. Players will also have access to flares that will allow them to stray further away from the Crawler's path and dynamite to destroy unstable walls that hide the higher tier loot.

These flares and dynamite can be acquired from Niko in exchange for Azurite found in the dungeon. On top of these consumables, he will offer to upgrade the Crawler for the same currency. 

Grinding Gear Games Picture of Crawler in Azurite Mines dungeon from Path of Exile Path of Exile: Delve

Now with all this talk of darkness, one would expect Grinding Gear Games' take on DC Universe, but as it turns out there are various biomes deeper into the mine, each of which looks different. Provided screenshots show them in red, green and blue colours. Now that I think of it, maybe this is Grind Gear Games' take on Mass Effect 3 ending. Either way, more information and screenshots can be found on the .

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