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Overwatch and Diablo are apparently getting their own shows

Published: 11:11, 17 February 2020
Overwatch 2, not here for drinks obviously!
Overwatch 2, not here for drinks obviously!

Blizzard fans have been asking for more media that explores the lore of pretty much all the most popular franchises. Overwatch and Diablo are headed that way with new animated shows, according to a Linkedin slip-up or possible teaser.

Overwatch and Diablo are just two franchises from Blizzard's hefty shelf filled with games that are just bursting with interesting lore. They are also the next ones to receive more attention to the lore as both games are apparently getting animated shows.

This info is coming from the Linkedin profile of Nicky van Dyk , co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios. The description on his profile states that there is an animated Diablo adaptation in the works which will be "rendered in anime style" so there is likely to be a portion of the fan base that will be ecstatic while some will not enjoy it as much.

Considering that anime shows are enjoying a healthy amount of popularity in China, it is possible the show will serve to bolster the franchise's own popularity, ahead of Diablo Immortal and Diablo IV releases. It would be especially important for the former since it's a mobile game, which is also an extremely popular platform in the country. 

On top of that, anime shows usually don't mind getting gory, which is definitely a benefit for Diablo's gritty and dark themes. It is apparently slated to be released worldwide by Netflix.

Regarding an Overwatch show, van Dyk's profile mentions that he "sold an animated series" that was based on the franchise but it doesn't mention to whom and there has been no official announcement yet.

Blizzard Diablo IV logo against a black background Diablo IV could get some healthy promotion if the show is done right

Considering how popular the Overwatch CGI short movies proved to be, revealing more backstory and potentially future plans through series made in a similar style. Keep in mind that "animated series" could mean exactly this as "animated" does not always mean it's a cartoon.

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