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Old School RuneScape's newest solo PvE challenge

Published: 14:20, 01 June 2017
Jagex Games Studio
Old School RuneScape

Majority rules when it comes to the direction of Old School RuneScape. This time the majority wanted the hardest solo PvE challenge to date, and they got Inferno. Upon completion of the challenge, all players will receive the Infernal cape, and the first player to best the final boss, TzKal- Zuk will get a trip and a real-life cape.

So around 84 percent of players voted "to implement the hardest solo PvE challenge to date into the Old School RuneScape." The new solo combat challenge dubbed The Inferno launched today. Where can you find it? Why, "in the fiery depths of the volcanic city, Mor Ul Rek", of course. Once you have survived all the increasingly difficult waves of monsters and challenges, you will be considered worthy of stepping before the final boss, TzKal- Zuk.

The challenge is to pronounce his name correctly. Each and every player who is brave enough to "conquer the Inferno", will receive the Infernal cape. "This cape is the new best-in-slot melee cape, and wearing it is a true status symbol in Gielinor." 

Jagex Games Studio Old School RuneScape - Infernal Cape - It's lava, not zebra. Old School RuneScape - Infernal Cape - It's lava, not zebra.

Now for the juicy stuff: "the first player to obtain the cape will be rewarded with an all-expenses paid trip to RuneFest, RuneScape’s annual fan fest, as well as lifetime membership, and an in-real-life Infernal cape. The race is on, and the stakes have never been higher."

Well, good luck to all. Seems like this will be one hell of an adventure.

Oh and I almost forgot the important bit: "To gain access to The Inferno, players must have completed the Fight Caves and at least one Fire cape which they will need to sacrifice to enter the Inferno. A Fire Cape is required to enter the city of Mor Ul Rek, but does not need to be sacrificed."

Jagex Games Studio Old School RuneScape - Mor Ul Rek Old School RuneScape - Mor Ul Rek

And if you're just hearing about this now, "Old School RuneScape is the industry-leading collaboration between players and developers. Launched in 2013, it embraces its nostalgic heritage and offers an authentic and honest experience in which the players control the direction of the game in continuous democratic polls. The highly challenging gameplay elements have given Old School RuneScape a unique position within the field of competitive gaming."

Intrigued? Join the cult .

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