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Old School RuneScape is coming to mobile this winter

Published: 18:56, 17 July 2017

Jagex is moving their RuneScape and Old School RuneScape titles onto mobile. All players will be able to download the app and pick up where they left off on their PC. Old School RuneScape will be available on mobile sometime this winter.

Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape will be making their way onto mobile and tablet devices. The announcement came via Twitter and looks a lot like this:

"The two titles will be the first mainstream and fully-established Western MMORPGs to deliver the complete MMO experience to PC and mobile platforms and feature full interoperable play, allowing players to jump from PC to mobile platforms and back again."

Old School RuneScape will be the first to make the transition this winter, and RuneScape will follow soon after. The press release also said that "Players will be able to log out from their PC when they need to be AFK, and launch the mobile app to continue their adventure on the move, picking up from the in-game moment that they left it on PC… and vice versa".

Jagex RuneScape RuneScape

Neil McClarty, Senior Product Director, Jagex, said:

"As a MMO player, you ideally want to play at any time of the day or night no matter where you are. We know that our players’ time is precious, and that’s why want to give all RuneScape players, both present and past, the opportunity to play RuneScape on the go. The fact that they’ll be able to play on their PC, leave the PC, and pick up their mobile and continue playing where you left your character will be a big deal for our players – there really will be no need for any XP waste."

Phil Mansell, Chief Operating Officer, Jagex said:

"This is a real step change for MMORPGs and a signal of Jagex’s intent to continue to push the boundaries of live games. The titles will become the first mainstream and established Western MMORPGs on mobile in full and the first to deliver interoperable play between PC and mobile platforms."

You can find Old School RuneScape right .

Jagex RuneScape RuneScape

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