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Nvidia's ray tracing feature is now live in Battlefield V

Published: 14:51, 14 November 2018
picture showing soldier's eye with a explosion reflection
Battlefield V

Nvidia have released new drivers which unlock the RTX Ray Tracing feature in Battlefield V. Combined with a Windows 10 update and game patch the shiny reflections experience is now available to everyone who owns Nvidia's RTX graphics cards.

After Microsoft released the October 2018 update, which enables DirectX Ray Tracing functionality with DirectX 12, Nvidia have followed with the GeForce 416.94 WHQL drivers that are now available to download from Nvidia's driver page.

In order to active the RTX Ray Tracing feature in Battlefield V you'll need one of the graphics cards from Nvidia's new RTX series, which are the only piece of hardware that can support shiny reflections at the moment. Along with hardware requirements make sure that Battlefield V is up to date and check your Windows 10 updates. RTX Ray Tracing won't work on versions lower than Windows 10 1809 which is the already mentioned October 2018 update.

If you light up the game and turn your exclusive technology on, don't be surprised if the framerate drops around 50 per cent at 1080p resolution. As we already saw multiple times since the reveal of ray tracing in Battlefield V, Nvidia's flagship card RTX 2080ti was the only card powerful enough to handle the new technology on higher resolutions.

Players with older cards are likely to display different performance so think twice before you swap visuals for stable framerate. However, Dice is offering quality levels for ray tracing with low, medium, high and ultra detail available to choose from. Luckily, Battlefield V is well-optimised, otherwise, the RTX would be just one huge performance dropping mess.

EA DICE Player is reloading his Stg 44 during Battlefield V gameplay Battlefield V

Nvidia's RTX Ray Tracing feature for EA's WW2 shooter comes just ahead of the release which is set for 15 November for those who pre-order Deluxe Edition, or 20 November for mere mortals. Of course, players who own EA Origin Access subscription can already play the game.

Along with Battlefield V ray tracing support, new drivers also bring optimization for Fallout 76 and Hitman 2. You can download Nvidia's GeForce ready drivers

Also, check the official minimum and recommended specs as well as RTX Ray Tracing system requirements

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