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Nuking Fallout 76 settlement pales in comparison to Fallout 3

Published: 12:38, 16 April 2020
picture showing 4 players watching the nuke explosion in Fallout 76
Fallout 76 Nuke explosion

Fallout 76 Wastelanders launched with the first human NPCs coming into the game but shortcomings have already been piling up and the fact that there are almost no consequences to nuking a settlement just adds to it.

Human NPCs have arrived to Fallout 76 and while some people's instincts are to let them be in peace, others have something entirely different in mind. They decided to see what happens when you nuke Foundation, the NPC settlement that came along with the Wastelanders update.

The game did not prevent the players from nuking it and the weapon of mass destruction was aimed at the centre of Foundation, which immediately reminded of a nuclear option back in Fallout 3, which was released 12 years ago.

Unlike the consequential situation in Fallout 3, a literal nuclear weapon barely had any impact on the settlement in Fallout 76. You can see it in entirety in the YouTube video embedded below - from the launch to visiting what is supposed to be a radioactive crater.

It was not a crater at all, however, and when the player in the video visited Foundation, it had increased radioactivity levels but the shacks and flimsy buildings looked unfazed by the blast, just like the settlers themselves. The only difference is that they put on radiation suits. All of this put together resulted in what is likely the most disappointing representation of any kind of blast in video gaming, let alone a nuclear one.

In Fallout 3, more than a decade ago, we had the opportunity to the same thing. The town of Megaton was built around a nuclear bomb that could be set off remotely. If a player decided to be evil and blow up the settlement, literally nothing but a crater would be left of it. 

A massive Karma loss happened, branding the character as Very Evil, the sole survivor of the incident gets ghoulified and characters in the world berate you for your actions. Most importantly, the game managed to make the players feel bad about blowing a town up.

Overall, it is severe degradation of a similar event in a much older game and another pointer that Fallout series' quality keeps plummeting.

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