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Nintendo's latest handheld system announced

Published: 09:23, 28 April 2017
NIntendo 2DS XL

Nintendo has announced their new handheld system: the 2DS XL. The system will borrow some features from the 3DS and add a couple of new ones. The release date is set for 28 July.

Oh you liked the Switch and 3DS? Here's an all new, XL, 2DS! 

After in 2016, Nintendo aims to double down on the success of their 3DS (sales went up by 7.7 percent) and has announced a new handheld. 

The new 2DS XL will borrow the 3DS features such as the C-stick, Amiibo-compatible NFC reader, and extra processing power. It will also get rid of the 3D's display functionality. The new 2DS will leave behind the odd shape of its predecessor as well, all in favour of the more traditional DS style.

Nintendo NIntendo 2DS XL NIntendo 2DS XL

Both screens found on the new 2DS will be the same size as the screens on the 3DS XL, but the former looks to be a bit smaller and more polished. It will be available on 28 July, for $149.99 which translates to around £115.97. Honestly, I really want to know what is up with these .99 deals. They're not fooling anyone, come on!

The new 2DS XL will retail for $50 less than the New 3DS XL and $70 more than the 2DS. Oh, and I almost forgot, the 2DS XL will come in two colour combos: black and turquoise and white and orange.

Nintendo NIntendo 2DS XL NIntendo 2DS XL

Nintendo has already revealed that they would be releasing two games for their new system: Hey Pikmin! and Miitopia. Naturally, store shelves in Japan will be the first to hold the 2D XL as early as 13 July, and it will sell for ¥14,980 (around £104.11).

Yesterday's financial report revealed that the 3DS sold over 7 million times during the course of the last fiscal year, and 6 million more are expected to find new owners in the fiscal year of 2017.

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