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Nintendo will not censor third-party games anymore

Published: 07:43, 01 July 2019
CD Projekt Red
Geralt inspecting a murder scene
Witcher 3

Nintendo reaffirmed their stance on not censoring third party games as opposed to Sony that found it to be their new hobby. This only applies to censoring sexual content though apparently since Nintendo still meddled with Witcher 3.

Nintendo made the headlines once again with an apparent intent not to censor third-party games. The news came from the recent annual meeting of the shareholders where the president Shuntaro Furukawa answered a few questions.

One of the questions turned out to be about censoring sexual content that saw a rampant increase on Sony's behemoth, PlayStation 4. Players were already upset about the unnecessary censorship of body parts in Devil May Cry 5 where your goal is literally to be as creative as possible while murdering demons.

Anyway, Furukawa that censorship coming straight from platform holders could inhibit games which is why Nintendo will opt to help parents regulate the content their children see through rating boards such as CERO and ESRB. Furthermore, Nintendo has parental lock features which should help regulate available content even more.

Furukawa took a shot at Sony through that comment by stating that it's the "paltform-holding companies" that inhibit games via censorship, like the example we mentioned with Devil May Cry 5.

One has to wonder whether Furukawa is aware of censorship in his own backyard though since The Witcher 3 will have partial censorship on Nintendo Switch.

As you can see in the video above, Geralt is next to The Hanged Man's Tree that is supposed to have hanged men on it. There are only empty ropes instead and this is unique to Nintendo Switch of all platforms.

CD Projekt Red Picture of Geralt approaching the Hanged Man's Tree The Witcher 3

Then again, there are and possibly the game itself. It is only the UK version that has the censored tree, hinting that may not have been Nintendo behind the censorship after all.

Devil May Cry 5, Capcom's latest instalment in the franchise

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Devil May Cry 5

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