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Nintendo not fully convinced of game streaming technology

Published: 08:41, 18 June 2019
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Google's announcement of Stadia, the console-less console, may have forced Sony and Microsoft into cooperation, but Nintendo don't seem to be overly concerned. Admittedly, they're watching the space closely, but aren't on board just yet.

And to be fair, there have been so few positive examples of the tech that Nintendo actually seem wise here, deciding to wait for real-world numbers instead of blindly committing to a tech, based on hearsay or Google's monetary power.

As grandiose as Google's claims may sound occasionally, the ball is still technically in their court. Fulfilling the promise of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and Doom Eternal running at full 4K is likely to play a huge role here, as it officially sets the stage for everything else.

This doesn't mean Nintendo are dismissing the possibility of game streaming becoming the next best thing, far from it, but it's clear they're not going all out before it has proven to be exactly that.

"Nintendo is keeping a close eye on it and we're evaluating it. We don't have anything to announce right now in terms of adopting that technology. For us, it's still physical and it's digital downloads through our eShop", said Nintendo of America executive Charlie Scibetta.

It's well worth noting that Nintendo have found themselves in a dominant position in 2019, having easily been the best selling console for most of the year. This is in no small part thanks to Microsoft and Sony's current-gen consoles coming to the end of their life, so the company is being pretty smart about it.

After all, Nintendo are no strangers to console gimmicks, and most players seem to still be pretty reserved, rightfully so if we may add. 

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NPD Group's analyst Mat Piscatella seemed to echo the sentiment, suggesting that Google should've shared more info on Stadia if they expect the suggested prices to fly. He added that Nintendo has been silently winning and that they're likely to end the year as the

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