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Attend the Earth Day cleanup, get Shiny Diglett in Pokemon Go

Published: 13:11, 27 March 2019
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Niantic shared their plans for the upcoming Pokemon Go Earth Day event and they include a lot of cleanups that can get you many in-game rewards. These include Shiny Diglett and increased appearance of Ground-type Pokemon among other things.

Earth Day 2019 is less than a month away now, and Pokemon Go creators Niantic have shared their plans to celebrate our blue planet and its nature. 

Niantic's Earth Day events are focused on massive cleanups all over the world and last year, the developers, players and countless NGOs leading the way collected 6.5 tons of garbage across 68 cleanup events.

For the second year in a row, Niantic are hosting their annual Earth Day Cleanup alongside NGOs from around the world. To attract as many Pokemon Go players as possible, the devs have listed the rewards that will be available in-game if the cleanup events reach certain numbers.

According to Niantic's list, if 2,000 people attend the event and help cleaning the Earth, the global rewards will be increased appearances of Ground-type Pokemon. 

For events with at least 5,000 people, the global rewards are Shiny Diglett and again increased appearances of Ground-type Pokemon.

For locations that attract 7,000 people or more, Niantic will give 2x Stardust and Candy for Event Spawns, Groudon in Raids, Shiny Diglett and increased appearances of Ground-type Pokemon.

At the moment, the rarity of Shiny Diglett is unknown and it's possible that the Pokemon will be easy to catch like other creatures in Pokemon Go Community Day events.

Increased spawn rate for Ground-type Pokemon should also help so the majority of players should be able to catch their tiny brown Generation I creature.

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Pokemon Go's Earth Day cleanup events will officially start on 13 April 2019 and will run until 27 April 2019. You can check for more details on featured events and locations where you can take part in the Earth Day cleanup event.

For more Pokemon Go news, check out that is scheduled for tomorrow - 28 March 2019 1 pm PDT (GMT -7).

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