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Next-gen Xbox will support all Xbox One controllers

Published: 15:04, 22 October 2019
artwork showing pc, monitor, keyboard and mouse and xbox controller
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Xbox Marketing Manager James Shields has re-confirmed that the next-generation Xbox console will support all Xbox One controllers including the earlier versions as well as Elite V2 controller.

Current gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony are nearing the end of their life cycle and soon, both companies will officially reveal their successors, which should launch sometime during Holiday season in 2020. 

We already know that both consoles will be powered by AMD's Zen and Navi architecture and will deliver ray-tracing, 4K gaming and more neat features. One of the features that both Sony and Microsoft have discussed previously is the backwards compatibility. 

Not only that PlayStation 5 and next-gen Xbox want to allow players to play old titles on their new console they also want to make sure that current controllers work flawlessly on the upcoming consoles. Xbox's Product/Marketing Manager James Shield confirmed via his Twitter profile that Microsoft's console will indeed support the current controllers and not only the new ones but also the ones that released initially with Xbox One.

When asked if all Xbox One controllers are forward compatible, James Shield simply replied: " Yep - all Xbox One controllers!".

So it doesn't matter if you own the launch model controller or one of the newer ones that feature Bluetooth support or even the cool-looking Elite controller. If they work on your Xbox One, they will work on the next-gen Xbox.

Microsoft Black Xbox One console against a black bacground Xbox One

Xbox head Phil Spencer said during E3 2019 that the company's goal is to respect the purchases gamers have made on their platform and in order to achieve this, they want to blur the line between generations and even between platforms - Xbox and PC.

Hopefully, this will mean a much stronger gaming platform for both PC and Xbox gamers, more crossplay support and exclusives.

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