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New World: Joel on Skype meme meaning and origin

Published: 13:08, 08 October 2021
New World - Joel Skype meme
New World - Joel Skype meme

New World players are often confused about individuals spamming the name Joel in global chat as well as his reason to be on Skype so here is a breakdown of the meme itself as well as its origin.

Global chat is often plagued by Joel on Skype talk in New World and if you're feeling out of the loop, you're not the only one. Asking what Joel and Skype are all about will usually lead to nonsensical responses that will not help you understand anything so here is the explanation.

Joel on Skype origin is from more than half a decade ago. During a match of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) in 2015, someone asked a Joel to get on Skype in Twitch chat. Considering that these matches are usually broadcasted in channels that are being viewed by more than 100,000 fans at the same time, most of the chat messages never catch anyone's eye and they just disappear into oblivion.

This was not the case with the call for Joel. Twitch chat picked it up and started spamming the same message, giving birth to a copypasta that held its comedic value in the shock effect of tens of thousands of people suddenly asking Joel to get on Skype. Since then, the meme has been mostly forgotten, until people started spamming it in New World.

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In short, Joel on Skype is a dead meme that is getting necroed and is not particularly funny. It appears that only random groups of comedy night rejects find comedic value in it and then proceed to confuse players who would otherwise be chopping wood or mining ore.

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