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New version of PlayStation 5 is lighter but runs *much* hotter

Published: 09:43, 30 August 2021
A photo showing PS5 on the left side and PS5 Digital Edition on the right side with two controllers by them.
PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition (right)

Sony quietly released the revised version of PlayStation 5. The new console is more cost-effective which causes it to run significantly hotter than the 2020 original.

Sony's next-gen console hit the storefronts in November 2020 but some players have yet to get their hands on the new piece of hardware. The young console already has a newer version available and Austin Evans was there to shell out the money for overnight shipping and review the bits and pieces that make up the new but apparently not improved PlayStation 5 version 1100B.

Comparing the new PlayStation 5 to the original

Austin compared his original PlayStation 5 Digital Edition to the new PlayStation 5 v1100B.

The new PS5 is lighter than the original: The original weighs in at 3,828 grams or 8,4 pounds for our friends across the pond. PlayStation 5 v1100B comes in at 3,542 grams (7,8 pounds).

There's an updated screw that keeps the PS5 attached to its stand and the new piece of metal (and some plastic) is easier to secure in place with one's hand: no screwdrivers required.

PlayStation 5 v1100B is a touch quieter than the original: 43.5 dB for the original version vs 42.1 dB coming from v1100B. This is a very slight difference many players won't even notice.

The new version of the PS5 runs a *bit* warmer than its counterpart. The original clocks in at 52°C (125.6°F) while v1100B runs at a balmy 55 to 58°C (131-136.4°F). Unlike its sound, this is something the players will eventually take note of especially if they already have issues with overheating due to the lack of airflow. 

Differences in power consumption are barely noticeable.

Austin went on to take apart the two consoles with the help of a fellow YouTuber - Jimmy from PSReady. The two have discovered that the SSD in the new console sports a darker shade of green to its older sibling.

The fans are also slightly different and the new model has a much smaller heat sink. The cooling system in v1100B is heaps smaller and less elaborate than in the original PlayStation 5, which contributes to the new version running at higher temperatures. Austin and Jimmy found that the 300-gram difference comes down to the weight of the two cooling systems: the new one measures 1368 grams (3 pounds) versus the heftier 1639 grams (3,6 pounds).

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