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4A Games are working on Metro Exodus sequel, THQ Nordic confirm

Published: 13:17, 14 August 2019
4A Games
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Metro Exodus

4A Games, the developers of Metro trilogy are working on a new Metro game it's been officially confirmed by THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors in the company's latest investors call. However, the details are pretty scarce at the moment.

It's been only five months since we got to dive into 4A Games' latest title Metro Exodus. The game was received quite well from both players and gaming critics and also made the largest game launch in the history of publisher THQ Nordic.

The developer and publisher also confirmed that several DLCs are in the works which makes the latest announcement from THQ Nordic a bit surprising. During the company's investors call, CEO Lars Wingefors said that 4A Games are currently working on a brand new Metro game.

If you look at the financial report, you won't find any mentions of the new Metro game there but according to a Twitter user Nathan, who attended the investor presentation, the company's CEO did mention and confirmed the development of the game, which is 4A Games' next project.

"Volition's new Saints Row game is "well into development" and 4A Games is indeed working on the next Metro game, Wingefors said during the investor presentation," Twitter user Nathan wrote in his tweet.

Unfortunately, that's about everything we know about 4A Games' new project. Since the studio still plan to release DLCs for Metro Exodus, it will probably take a while before we get a proper reveal for the next Metro. 

As for the release date, well, we can only guess but 2022 probably wouldn't be wildly optimistic. 4A Games released the original - Metro 2033 - in 2010 and the sequel Metro: Last Light followed in 2013. 

After that, in 2014 the devs released Redux version of the original, with enhanced graphics and then spent the next five years working on the latest instalment - Metro Exodus.

4A Games Picture of some dudes in Metro Exodus Metro Exodus

It will also be interesting to see what kind of story will the new Metro game follow since the first three games are based on the Metro novel trilogy by Dmitry Glukhovsky. However, the devs did expand the Metro universe with new locations, which probably means that the lack of books won't be such a big issue.

Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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Metro Exodus

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