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Metro Exodus sold well on consoles, THQ refuse to talk PC sales

Published: 18:57, 23 May 2019
Updated: 18:58, 23 May 2019
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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is another fantastic game by 4A Games but it appears that it didn't sell much on PC as THQ Nordic's CEO Lars Wingefors happily talked about console sales but tried to completely avoid questions about the PC part of the market.

Lars Wingefors presented THQ Nordic's financial report himself and was happy to announce that Metro Exodus and Satisfactory were performing really well, driving the company's revenue recently. He continued by stating that the game sold extremely well digitally, citing the sales as being overachieving for the Metro franchise.

Sunshine and rainbows came to a halt when the time for talking about revenue on different platforms arrived. Wingefors stated that an "absolute majority" of sales were on consoles but wouldn't provide exact percentages per each platform.

Oddly enough, Wingefoors tried framing his statements by stating that "Metro Exodus is a console game" which is a weird thing to say for any first-person shooter, barring exclusives such as Killzone series.

When asked about THQ games' revenue in general, Wingefors seemed a bit defensive, noting additional deals the company made with some partners that reduce risks and give them sales assurances, most likely referring to Epic Games exclusivity deals for both Metro Exodus and Satisfactory. He did add the income was "not extraordinary" in the quarter.

The Q&A session was littered with questions about Metro Exodus' performance on Epic Games Store but Wingefors was generally hesitant to talk about that topic. In fact, when specifically asked by an investor about Metro's performance on EGS, Wingefors deflected the question and started talking about sales on all digital platforms.

At one point in Q&A, the CEO did let slip that Metro Exodus sales were better "in the beginning of the year" which also coincides with the pre-order era of the game while it was still available on Steam.

4A Games Picture of some dudes in Metro Exodus Metro Exodus

As a disclaimer, Wingefors did not outright say that Epic Store exclusivity deal hurt Metro Exodus' sales in any part of the Q&A session. His nervous demeanour and refusal to talk about EGS performance metrics for Metro and Satisfactory simply hinted at troubled sale numbers.

You can check out the yourself, with the time stamp set for the start of Q&A and draw your own conclusions if you wish.


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Metro Exodus

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