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New League of Legends champion Seraphine has reportedly been confirmed?

Published: 16:52, 04 September 2020
League of Legends K/DA group twitter phote
Does this confirm her as the new champion?

After the recent releases of Lillia, Yone, and Samira, an interesting Tweet from K/DA has most likely confirmed another League of Legends champion - Seraphine, a new mid lane mage.

The release of a new champion is probably one of the most exciting events in the League of Legends world. So far this year, we've seen four champions, with Samira being the latest one to join to champion roster. This means that two more are to come - a tank support, and a mid lane mage.

K/DA, the famous virtual K-pop girl group has confirmed a collab with the previously mentioned Seraphine:

Apparently there is a Twitter and Instagram account made this June that embodies the character named Seraphine. The art style is very similar to Riot's K/DA or True Damage splash arts, and she repeatedly claimed that she is the girl in the picture.

Seraphine is into music and the cover she made called Childhood Dreams by Ary is licensed to Universal Music Publishing group - the company Riot recently teamed-up for the Worlds 2020 music. A Twitter reply also revealed that she's into League of Legends.

Shortly after their tweet, Seraphine confirmed the same thing on her Twitter account:

This wouldn't be the first time that Riot released a part of their game that has a real world theme with K/DA and True damage being set in our universe and both of them are heavily connected to the World Championship.

Twitter two pictures from a twitter accound called Seraphine Could this be the new champion?

It should be noted that Riot hasn't officially confirmed Seraphine as a new champion, but it is highly likely considering that they announced a couple of ther previous champions in similar fashion

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